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Psychopathology for LAADC Counselors  45 Hours

The Psychopathology course is designed to present a variety of information regarding the causes, assessment, symptoms, and treatment of psychological disorders. We will discuss the impact of mental illness on the individual, family, and community, and students will be expected to increases both their knowledge and sensitivity to the reality of the struggle of mental illness.
Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1. Summarize the major diagnostic categories in the current DSM and the processes used in making psychiatric diagnoses.
2. Distinguish among the major diagnostic categories when applied to specific case examples.
3. Develop awareness of Co-occuring disorders (Mental Illness/Substance Addiction) and the impact on assessment and treatment planning.
4. Examine the major theories of etiology supported by current research in the field of psychopathology.
5. Analyze the influences of culture and life span characteristics as determinants of normal versus abnormal behavior.
6. Identify, compare, and contrast major treatment approaches.
7. Evaluate evidence supporting various theories of therapeutic interventions
Required TEXT: Essentials of Abnormal Psychology, Durand and Barlow (7th ed)
To receive your final transcript to submit to CCAPP, you must read each chapter , complete the whole course, and complete all quizzes at 85%, including the interactive video quizzes. I will be notified when you have completed the quizzes as well. When you have completed the final Chapter 15 Quiz, please contact me at marycook@connectionscounselingassociates and I will send your transcript. I hope you find the material helpful and interesting. I have also scattered interesting videos throughout the chapters, some of which do not have the interactive component.
Once you order the course, I will send you the link and password to take the course.
Thanks for ordering!

Connections Counseling Association Continuing Education Program


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