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Dear Colleague,




Welcome to Counselor CEU Continuing Education membership site. Thank you for your interest in providing quality, professional clinical articles for our members based on your area of expertise. Our site addresses the continuing education needs of licensed or certified alcohol and drug counselors, certified criminal justice professions, licensed marriage and family therapists, and licensed social workers  




Our members are given a choice of three Continuing Education courses each month, with credit given for months during which they do not exercise this option.




If accepted, you will be sent a check once a month for $7.50 per upload of your course by our members.




Example:  100 members


                  50 members choose your course that month


                  7.50 x 50 + $375.00 for the month

Your course will be offered at least 3 times a year.




Courses will be chosen based on clinical relevance and quality of submission.  This is a wonderful opportunity for you to:


  1. earn “passive income
  2. gain professional recognition
  3. write about a subject you feel passionately about
  4. contribute to the clinical field






Submission Guidelines: See Sample Paper




  • 15 pages of original contentt
  • 10 font, Times Romans
  • “as least 15” spacing between paragraphs
  • 3-5 Learning Objectives
  • 10 multiple choice questions
  • At least 3 references

Please send submissions to


Connections Counseling Association Continuing Education Program


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